Note: During the winter months please email us for further information or you can give us a call in the Spring when we're back.


We offer options you want and need



When you choose winterizing with SOIBS, your service includes:

  • Changing the lower unit oil
  • Stabilizing the fuel
  • Storing in a covered and in-closed facility to protect from the wind and snow


In the spring

  • Starting the engine and checking for any issues
  • Make sure bilge bump and horn are in working order
  • Charge the battery
  • Making you water ready so you can be on your way with confidence

Extra Services include

  • Arranged pick up and delivery to our facility*
  • Drop off in the spring
  • Chemical cleaning of the haul of water stains
  • Vacuum and whip down of the interior
  • Delivery for repairs to any one of our preferred local licensed dealers
*Please note that we require 2 weeks notice for pick up or delivery in the spring. We make every effort to accommodate special requests,  however we want to make sure your boat is ready to go for your summer fun.


Cash or Cheque
Cheques payable to:
Mailing address:
1006 Balaclava Line
Minden, Ont.
KoM 2K0

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