Note: During the winter months please email us for further information or you can give us a call in the Spring when we're back.

About Us

We care about your property with a passion that you will come to appreciate and trust

Owned and operated by the tireless team of Doug & Lynda Colbourne, this dynamic duo are well-known and respected in the Halliburton
Highlands area for their friendliness and unparalleled customer service. Doug and Lynda previously owned a successful marina located on twelve mile lake, where they now reside and are full time residents. Through their experience in the marina business, they decided to build a state of the art boat storage that would keep them involved in an industry they understand, and that eliminates the need for expensive plastic wrapping, while it delivers to you a full service marine operation utilizing only experienced, time-tested local technicians and crafts people.


SAVE ON INSIDE BOAT STORAGE …. we are the only stop that you need to make in order to ensure that your boat is carefully inspected, maintained, cleaned, winterized, stored and put back into service ready for another season of boating fun with friends and family.

Save on Inside Boat Storage is conveniently located in a secure area just South of Minden, within a fully secured and privately owned compound that is occupied and monitored 365 days per year.

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